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Tuğrul and Necla Öztürk couple realize that their 8-year-old son, Emre, has been displaying strange behavior lately. Emre started to use physical violence to his friends by saying bad words like never before. More importantly, he believes in the existence of a friend that only he can see. Mother and father have no choice but to seek help from a specialist. Psychotherapist Yağmur Ece Aydınoğluis a young woman trying to forget bad experiences from her past by helping others. She made a irreversible msitake that caused his younger sister to die. Almost every night, bloody nightmares were waking up where he saw his sister Damla, who died by burning. Despite everything, he believes that he can survive from the past, until he meets Emre…
Sezgin Şahin is a close friend of Yağmur and although he is from the same profession, he makes his living in another way. Since childhood, he has a trait that he could not decide whether it was a curse or a talent. Sezgin examines the relationship between Emre and his imaginary friend upon the request of his friend Yağmur. He believes that only he can help Emre. This problem, which seems simple; will turn into a breathless tension when all roads intersect in one place.


Shadows is the sixth novel of Olcay Şeker. It was published for the first time in 2020 by AHBAP KİTAP. The thriller and horror genre book has gained great appreciation from the readers with its release.