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The car of Emel-Orhan Sezer couple traveling on Artvin Ardahan road in Şavşat region on a cold and snowy January morning is rolled down the cliff and the couple is seriously injured. Their eight-year-old son, Kaan, survived unscathed. The family's struggle for survival will not be easy because there are so many hungry wolves around. In the snowy mountains of Şavşat, a lost dog was looking for the way back. The struggle with the wild animals, hunger and cold that will come across will ensure that the dog's path crosses with the Sezer family. Having started living in a mountain hut in order to save himself from the painful and forgetful memories of the past, AVCI is one of the quarrels with its own inner voice. Struggling with feelings of vengeance and hate, the man has a plan for everything he will come across in a cold and snowy January in the Şavşat mountains. You will never know who is the hunt or hunter while reading this story full of mystery, tension and excitement from beginning to end…


Avcı is the third published novel of Olcay Şeker. This thriller book was first published by Cinius Yayınları in 2017, and then it reached to the readers in 2020 with the AHBAP KİTAP label.